I've no doubt that today's sermon felt like hard work to some people. It was hard work thinking about it. That particular piece from the gospel is very difficult to read in public and expect people to accept at face value. It is important that there is no pretence that everything is straightforward in a text like that.

I gave out a series of piping results at the end of the service this morning. This made me feel as though I was in Brigadoon again. The Texas based pipe band were with us again this morning at the 8 am service, looking a little as though they had enjoyed celebrating their winning of the Grade 3 competition at the World Pipe Band Championships. They seem to be wiping the board and winning everything they enter and I seem to be a pipe band groupie.


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: Preaching
    We should do something for them before they leave.  Invite them to the 10am –  at least exchange email addresses.  Perhaps they could play for us?  Now that would liven up a Sunday morning – not that we need livening up I must stress!

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