Provincial Conference

No easy internet access at the conference, so no reports up until now.

It has gone very well indeed. Although it was not just about big name speakers, it was worth going just to hear Rowan Williams speak. It is hard to imagine the abuse that he has to put up with, yet he stands in the middle of a conference and wins them over with such grace. He gave a simple bible study on the five loaves and two fishes. Hopefully this will be published sometime in the next few days.

We have been worshipping in a large square space, sitting in tables set out in star fashion around a central focus, which is a huge coracle type boat which has been constructed with whickerwork and papier-mache. Paper palm trees flutter above out heads. The mast of the boat is a simple cross.

So, highlights have been Rowan W, imaginative worship and, oh yes, the sessions in the bar.

Especially the sessions in the bar.

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