New Cross

The new processional cross was delivered yesterday. It seems a long time since the last one was broken. It fell and broke in a dramatic fashion during the stripping of the altar on Maundy Thursday. This fitted in so well with the liturgy, that were it not for the cost, I’m sure I would do it again.

I read a funny story in a book about liturgy the other day all about someone who, trying to be creative, had set up a breadmaker on the altar so that the smell of baking bread would waft through the church. Indeed so clever was the liturgist that the breadmaker was timed to finish right at the end of the Eucharistic prayer – beeping along with the Amen. Thus, the bread of heaven was lifted aloft with the words – “Behold the lamb of God, ouch its hot”.

It reminded me of the time I tried to burn the palm crosses to make ash during the Ash Wednesday service in a theatrical manner. Never again.

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