Dog Collars

There are many mysteries in religion, but none so impenetrable as the question of where dog collars go. I almost caught Tilly attempting to eat o­ne the other day, which might have answered both the mystery of where dog collars go and the question of what is wrong with the cat's belly this week. However, she saw me coming and simply pawed at the collar in question and moved o­n to other mischief.

I was fascinated to discover a page o­n the net about how to find lost dog collars. Even more interestingly, it is o­n which is a collaborative site for clergy husbands (ie men who are married to ordained women). It seems to me that although it does not solve the question of where dog collars go, this does give answers to the question of whether there is an o­ntological difference in the ordination of men and women. Clearly, it seems to me, if women's dog collars go missing to such an extent that men married to such women have to collaborate o­n-line in order to find them again, then there can be no substantive difference between male and female patterns of ministry.

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