This would have made a good verbatim for discussion o­n the Masters course I took at New College. It has everything: self-image, body-modification, presuppositions about the church and clergy, euphemism and managing change.

Angela-the-Hairdresser:  So, just the same cut as last time. Short and sensible?
Self:  How about something a bit more funky – some people have suggested short and spikey, how about it?
A-the-H:  Oh no, the church people wouldn't like it. Anyway it would be lots of work for you keeping it right.
Self:  It is church people who have suggested it. Oh, well, I am open to suggestions.
A-the-H:  No, I think you suit hair.
Self:  Huh?
A-the-H:  Well, you have,… er,… you have big features. You'd look better with hair than without it.

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