Spare hymnbooks anyone?

Following significant growth in the choir at St Saviour’s over the last year, we find ourselves short of choir copies of our normal hymn book – Hymns Ancient and Modern: New Standard Edition.

It may be that we have to buy more copies (at ?30 a go), though I would prefer not to have to do this as in the medium term future, we may well be looking at buying a more suitable new hymn book.

Does any reader of this blog have any copies of A & M: NS that are looking for a home?


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: Spare hymnbooks anyone?
    yes I do and you have just reminded me that I have to give it to the person I offered it to (on permamnet loan although I’ve never liked it anyway!!
    – it’s a harmony thing. Seem to think that altos are capable of singing d or f in monotonous repetition)

    serenac being too lazy to log in becasue the internet is being so slo!

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