Banner of Truth

In yesterday's sermon, I made mention of an article about the Tsunami that Rowan Williams wrote for o­ne of the newspapers. It was the Telegraph, which I've heard o­ne bemitred o­ne call the Banner of Truth. I contrasted the article (which concluded that these things have happened before but that faith survives them) with the headline (“Archbishop admits: this made me doubt the existence of God”).

Sure enough, by lunchtime, Lambeth Palace had released this rebuttal:

?Whilst the Archbishop?s article itself has been transcribed faithfully, the headline reporting it is a misrepresentation of the Archbishop?s views.
?As any reading of the text makes instantly clear, the Archbishop nowhere says that the tsunami causes him to question or doubt the existence of God; rather that the Christian faith does not invite simplistic answers to the problem of human suffering?.
?It is extremely disappointing that what is a thoughtful response to the challenge posed by events of these kinds to the mind and heart of the believer has suffered in the search for a headline.?


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