Charles and Camilla

Given the genesis of the Church of England in Henry VIII’s complicated love life, I have to confess that I find the squeamishness over re-marrying those who have been divorced to be incomprehensible.

I am pleased that the Archbishop of Canterbury is getting involved. However it seems to me that if he can bless a civil marriage, he ought to be able to conduct the marriage ceremony itself.

On the other hand though, I approve of the idea of separating the registration of a couple from the religious ceremony itself.

I’d personally prefer it if all couples had to make a trip to a registrar before coming to church for whatever religious stuff they want. This seems strange to many people, but it is the standard practice in much of Europe and has a lot going for it.

However, for today, congratulations to the happy couple.


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: Charles and Camilla
    Yeh Yeh, let them get o­n with it and enjoy the same freedom as the rest of us. Let them be happy!

    but,  can't you blog more about Freddie – he was much more interesting!

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