That Review

Oh dear, Bridge of Allan is all acluck over a review in last week's Sunday Times which focussed o­n Clive Ramsey's new restaurant. People are shocked at the vitriol in the review. Questions have even been asked at the local Community Council.

How can we clear the name of our village? We have been slighted.

It is very strange for someone to write a food review which says that basically they liked the food and you get lots of it and then spend most of of the review damning the town that the restaurant that is located in.

And has he ever been to Bridge of Allan and eaten at Clive's at all, we ask? Clive Ramsey's is described as being o­n the outskirts of Bridge of Allan. We all know it is the very beating heart of the village.

I must say that whenever I've been to the restaurent in question, the service and the food have been excellent. Perhaps Bridge of Allan should boycott the Sunday Times, just as Liverpool boycotts the Sun.


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: That Review
    perhaps the women of Alloa should protest also.   They have been slighted too you know!

  2. Anonymous says

    Re: That Review
    Oh, the women of Alloa need to rise up and take to the streets. They were slighted more than most.

  3. Anonymous says

    Re: That Review
    the women of Alloa need to rise up and take to the streets

    I agree they should protest strongly although maybe not as you suggest given the context!!

    and I’m sorry my name is so boring – must speak with the parents!

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