Shrinking world

I’ve been experimenting with internet telephony. Just had three calls online through the computer. Can now call regular telephone lines as well as other geeks with headsets and broadband. Calls are free between computers and very cheap to real telephones. The strange thing is that calls to other countries cost the same as calls to phones in this country. Just had a call to a friend in Boston – it is cheaper to call him than to call London on a regular phone.

My world just got smaller.

Anyone wanting to contact me this way – e-mail me for my skype details.


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: Shrinking world
    oh no, you've just turned yourself in to a call centre!

  2. Anonymous says

    Re: Shrinking world
    and in a sad geeky kind of way, communicating by voice via a computer is so much more fun regardless of the fact that it’s so much cheaper!

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