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There was an article in the Ecosse section of the Sunday Times this week which featured a number of Scottish Bloggers. There was nothing about this o­ne, but o­ne of my friend's achieved fame or notoriety with this comment.

It is difficult to resist the temptation, though, of ?the life and thoughts of an island-hopping minister in Argyll?, a lady named Freda, whose interests are listed as ?living and dying well?, pursuits not wholly unconnected to her web log entry for last Monday. ?It was a mistake to try eating a mussel,? she wrote. ?It was cooked and it was in a top restaurant, but it was still a mistake.? The ramifications of her recklessness remain sadly unelaborated, however.

Freda, however, has not let her temporary ailment affect the scale of her blogging. Her website, Island Blogging from Seil, is a complex and hyperlinked o­ne. Most, though, feature rudimentary designs, taken from template software that even the most technophobic computer user can master.

As I designed the site for her, I feel not a little pleased for myself. Though I ought to finish off the design sometime. It was never supposed to be as pink as it is.  The site is and it is also the featured site of the month o­n


  1. Anonymous says

    Re: Sunday Times article
    and now I am even more grateful for the relative anonymity of my American journal site – although I have caught local people dropping in – including a cat called Tilly! – this computer world still baffles me

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