I was an E-bay virgin

I am the proud owner of an exercise bike. The “very large rosary beads … for display not devotion” which have cost me ?2.99 should be arriving in the post soon.

(I managed to stop myself buying the glow in the dark rosary beads).

I wonder whether I will be able to use both purchases at the same time.


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: I was an E-bay virgin
    That's you hooked now then!  To date I've purchased:  two Santa suits, a trombone,  a trumpet and a purple Ukulele!
    Happy Shopping

  2. Anonymous says

    Re: I was an E-bay virgin
    Well, you can’t use all of those at the same time.

    Twin santas – my twin nephews would probably like that.

  3. Kelvin says

    Re: I was an E-bay virgin
    Assuming that Kelvin’s new exercise bike does not require arm movements, and that it does not move (in other words, it has legs that reach the ground, not wheels, and it is truly stationary), he can certainly pray the rosary–in the dark or otherwise–while pedaling on the bike.

    I find that cycling–outside, on the road, moving through space–is an excellent time for prayer and meditation, especially using a smooth “spin rate. ” Pedaling at 80-100 pedal RPM , not pushing hard with each stroke, but making perfectly round circles with an even 360-degree power output as the physical focus of my prayers, is a terrific addition to my spiritual life, especially in the early morning. It’s much harder to meditate when I’m (literally) not going anywhere.

    Happy cycling, wherever you “ride,”


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