Long day

Today is one of those long days. A meeting at 0930 to discuss the organ project kicks it off, and it won’t be over until after the Area Council tonight. The Area Council is the forum for local Episcopal churches and this month is discussing the pastoral issues arising from the welcome that the Episcopal church gives to gay and lesbian people.

Inbetween this, there are e-mails to answer, a bishop to communicate with about a service later in the year, a report to write for a church committee and a number of pastoral issues to follow up.

There is election stuff too, of course, but that has to be fitted between work things, which is not always an easy balancing act.


  1. Kelvin says

    Re: Long day
    It's no wonder you don't have time to lock the church at night! My sister had to drive 2 miles to lock the door while you are sitting at your computer and it would o­nly take you minutes! Get your priorities right

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