Clerical Day

[starts 0900]
Devotions (such as they were) and thinking about last night’s bizarre dream.

Check webfeeds.

Meeting with electrician and lighting expert re bulbs blowing at great height.

Answer messages and e-mails. Several international ones re current Anglican position on The Usual Topic and about who actually said what at the big ACC meeting.

Visit someone in hospital.

Discussion by telephone and e-mail about music for Christ the King, Epiphany and Candlemas. ie after the new organ is fitted

Locate music for jolly services.

Conversation by telephone re disposal of old organ.

Review matters for Vestry meeting tomorrow evening.

Format orders of service for wedding next week and send them off.

Exchange e-mails with a member of the Provincial Liturgy Committee about what 2 lines of the new marriage liturgy actually mean and who is supposed to say them.

Meeting with organ implementation committee [finishes 2145].

Answer further e-mails including correspondence re the new Provincial Church Website.


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