How to Blog

I met with someone this afternoon and was trying to explain the whole blogging thing. I don't know whether I succeeded. Here are 12 tips for how to be a good blogger:

1   If it is not up to date it isn't a blog.
2   Remember, people believe you.
3   Blogging is performance, not real life. (But no-one who reads it remembers that).
4   You have to read some before you can write some.
5   There are communities surrounding bloggers – bloggers generate penumbrae.
6   Write for people you know and people you don't will get to know you.
7   Control, don't be controlled by what comes up in google about you
8   If it takes more than 10 minutes a day, you have lost the plot.
10 There is nothing more powerful o­n the earth than ideas. Content is still king.
11 Sassy is as sassy does
12 Remember, it is a very lop-sided dialogue but a dialogue all the same.

Did I miss anything?


  1. Anonymous says

    Re: How to Blog
    3. It isn’t?? Noooooo
    8. I’m worried now, I need to do some looking

    I’d add sense of humour. It’s essential!!

  2. Kelvin says

    Re: How to Blog
    What happened to tip number 9? Or is that the one about blog censorship?


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