Christian Resources Exhibition

To the Christian Resources Exhibition today, which was exhausting.

It would be so much easier if they put the exhibitors in aisles – Financial Services Aisle, Tat Aisle, Holiday Pilgrimage Aisle, Music Aisle, Geek Aisle, Nutters Aisle etc. (Actually, I'd be happier if they gave the nutters their own Isle rather than Aisle, but that is another matter).

There were certainly more Christian Nutters than Christian Tat Sellers, which was a shame really.

The award for patience goes to Shinglers of Sutton Church Supplies (SOS), who measured out four samples of their own brand incense for not o­ne, not two but three greedy members of the clergy.

Artist of the year is still being won by Juliette Hemmingway the vestment designer who was still able, the morning after the night before, to offer any vestment o­ne's heart desires.

Fr Michael o­n the Evangelical Alliance stall was giving away the best chocolates.

Dazzle curled his lip at the Christian Institute, Mother Ruth bickered with a man who wanted her to denounce the New Age, and I blagged a book to review for Inspires from the Redemptorists. I promptly gave the book away, though a review will appear before too long, I hope.

I'm still not completely convinced about cottas. I do understand the need for box-pleats however.

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