I don’t usually comment about the "crisis" in the Anglican Communion o­n this blog – I’ve other outlets for that kind of debate.

However, I am astonished by the events of the last couple of weeks. Up until now I’ve assumed that most people really did want the Anglican churches to stick together, however hard that process may seem. However, firstly the irregular ordinations in Southwark (where someone brought in a bishop from outside the Anglican Communion to ordain a couple of people) and now the letter from the "Global South" Archbishops which has been released today make me think otherwise. This letter seems to me to very clearly commit the cardinal sin in Anglicanism of being utterly rude to Archbishop Rowan. Most of the press don’t realise how serious the sin of rudeness is in Anglican circles – it really is the big number.

All this seems to undermine the more thoughtful people who struggle to accept the presence and ministry of those who are gay in the church. It is difficult not to conclude from these events that there really are people who want schism and want it soon. Fortunately, I don’t think I know people in Scotland of that view, though time will tell.

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