Spitting Icicles

Two consultations exercises today. This morning I was in Edinburgh taking part in a discussion about what General Synod is for. (Polite answers on a postcard or in comments or e-mails). How to connect General Synod with local congregations? Which is the primary entity in the Christian church, the province/nation, the diocese, the charge (multiple congregations perhaps) or the congregation or perhaps even the individual believer? Much to think about.

I’ve been trying to repent of describing a certain choir singing a certain mass setting by Benjamin Britten as sounding like they were spitting icicles at the congregation. The trouble is, they did sound like that. It was stunning, but not perhaps appropriate at a particular time and in a particular place. If I had described them as shimmering like hoar-frost in the branches of trees in autumn, I would have been accurate and perhaps a little kinder. Ah well.

Then back to Bridge of Allan this afternoon to catch up on mail, e-mail, telephone messages and people here.

Now just about to go off for a Friday night out conducting a consultation with local Liberal Democrats about the future of Liberal Democracy and What the Party Does Next. I have this sneaking suspicion that other people do other things on a Friday evening. Amazing what some people do for fun, isn’t it?

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