Blog working

The blog is working again, and with a new theme. The updated comments module is much better. You can post comments in your own name without being logged in.

Go on – try it for size.


  1. Anonymous says

    well you did say we could!!!!

    the subtle text is very subtle for those of us with dodgy eyesight but otherwise very nice.

    does html still work??? although I suppose I can answer that myself!

  2. Anonymous says

    actaully it’s 1:12am – your computer is still being summery

  3. Anonymous says

    subtle text
    Which text is the hardest to read – is it the white text on the menubar which is hardest to read?

  4. Anonymous says

    No, it’s the small, light-blue text under daily headings. It isn’t exactly important stuff, I just found myself squinting at it. Everything else is very clear in comparison. I think a picture of some sort would look nice at the top too!

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