Whatever else one might be waiting for in the post, there is always the joy of guessing how many copies of the Code of Canons of the Scottish Episcopal Church will arrive. Despite having been delighted with receiving a copy last week, there was more to come today. Last week, I merely received a copy of the text, the better to put into my old folder. Today brought one package with a further copy of the text and another containing a damaged new folder and a third copy of the text.

Suggestions on how to proceed welcome. 


  1. Gareth J M Saunders says

    The electronic version’s next
    Hey! Just you wait for the electronic PDF version, resplendent with hyperlinks and bookmarks. I’ll can email you four copies next week, if you like. 😉

  2. I now feel hard done by
    So how come I only got one set last week (without folder) and one this week (with gorgeous new folder)? What have you got that I haven’t? I want a Trinity of Canons too.

  3. And there’s more…
    Emailed the synod office and it would appear that I am to get another folder!  We get one set if we are a Synod member, one set if we are a Priest in Charge/Rector, and of course one set for the Church to hold. And whose budget is this all coming out of, I wonder?

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