Lonely Hearts

Sadly, yesterday I could not get anyone to take seriously my suggestion that inspires (the magazine of the Scottish Episcopal Church) should have a lonely hearts column.

It would work. I know it would work. 


  1. Lonely Hearts
    Brilliant suggestion, anyway.

  2. Sarah Ingham says

    Lonely Hearts
    It’s nice to see that the really important things still occupy your mind! Enjoyed reading the blog.

  3. Anonymous says

    Lonely Hearts
    Ooh, Sarah! Imagine seeing you here! Where are you?

  4. Well I’d sign your petition.

  5. A fried of Mary Magdalene says

    Lonely Hearts
    Judging by what I see around the SEC, I think there’s a lot to commend a lonely hearts column.  Of course, being the SEC it would have to be inclusive and allow for same sex friendships too.  I say it go for it Kelvin!

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