Civil Partnerships

It was quite touching to see the first Civil Partnerships being registered today in Edinburgh. Rather more dignified than the goings on in Belfast yesterday. Interesting to compare the contribution of the churches to this. Over the water, Ian Paisley’s lot turned out in force to shout pretty vile slogans at the couples going to register their partnerships. It must take a hell of a lot of conviction to turn out on a cold December day to spoil the happiest day of someone else’s life.

Similar bigotry in the Western Isles, where the Registrars are refusing to conduct similar ceremonies. They have been congratulated by the BNP for their efforts. 

Things were different today in Edinburgh. No protests, and Richard Holloway present at the first ceremony and on duty to perform a private blessing in St Margaret’s in the castle afterwards. Good to see the 4 March statement working so well in practise.


  1. John Kirriemuir says

    Western Isles, civil partnerships, and what it’s like here

    I live on the Western Isles.

    My own thoughts – as a resident – on how the media has dealt with this issue are on my blog here:

  2. Jane Carnall says

    We used a quote from this blog in our January newsletter – much thanks!

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