Going clubbing

This week has been pretty hectic workwise, so it was nice to have one night off and go into Glasgow. An evening clubbing at the Garage nightclub, no less, with Ms Curate from the south-side of Glasgow. Yes, really. She had spotted that Steeleye Span were playing as part of Celtic Connections and knowing my fondness for Maddy Prior, arranged tickets.

Maddy P’s voice does not do what it did, but it still does things that no-one else’s voice can do. She also jigged around the stage with abandon.

Each member of the audience, as usual, looked as though they wished and hoped and prayed that they did not look quite so old as the rest of the crowd. The venue was not the best for them as it had minimal seating. Most had to stand and jiggle. Most would have preferred pews.

Musically it was very fine. Seasonal too. A new one about the winter solstice, The Unconquered Sun went down well with me. How important it is to put the Yule back into Yuletide. In a similar vein, Epiphany was marked by a lovely accapella The King.

We got the gory murder ballads of course. A rousing Tam Lin opened the second set, though it was the horrid tale of Long Lankin which really got the blood dripping into the basin.

I live not where I love was the highlight for me. That voice. Always that voice.

I arrived back home at midnight to find Tilly sitting on the bottom step of the stair giving me a scornful eye and humming "All around my cat, I will wear the green willow…"


  1. Freda says

    Tilly’s Song
    Send Tilly out to work for a living.

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