What am I reading?

Oh, thank you for asking.

On Saturday, the post-person arrived bearing a copy of  Untold Stories by Alan Bennett. Many thanks to the S family who bought this for me off the wishlist. It was a lovely surprise and I will enjoy it a lot. Hope you are all doing well.


I also received a copy of  this new celticy book of daily prayer by J Philip Newell for review. When I make my mind up about it, I’ll write a review for Inspires magazine. So far I’ve only looked at the pictures – some of them are children’s drawings and others are celtic knotwork of old. The children’s drawings are by far the more interesting.

I’m still mulling over Jung and the Christian Way, especially the chapter on Providence and the Self. I started to ponder this before Christmas and it still has me thinking.

I also recently read one of the plays (Grand Magic) in Eduardo De Filippo: Four Plays. I saw it at the National a few years ago and loved it. 

BTW – anyone know how many Ps are in de Filippo? Wikipedia and Amazon appear to disagree.


  1. Alan Bennett
    I am about half way through Untold Stories and I think you will enjoy it. Is everyone in the world reading it just now? Seems to be so. I noted 2 of your other blog-friends, plus me, are reading it.

  2. untold stories

    Also received a copy through the post a belated birthday present from my daughter. Stayed in bed this morning to read it. Very poignant as I was brought up 10 miles from Leeds and have many similar experiences from my background.

     His descriptions of Airedale hospital were particularly close to home as my Dad spent quite a bit of time there.

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