Save the BBC Radio 4 Theme Tune

There is a plot afoot to do away with the Radio 4 UK theme tune that wakes up the station at 0520 every morning. It has been getting earlier in recent years, but for over thirty years this medly of folk songs and maritime tunes has been played early in the day and now they want to scrap it in favour of more news.

There is a fight on, of course – you can sign the petition here:  And you can hear the theme, if you have got realplayer installed here:

I find it hard to understand why anyone should want to rouse the sleeping Radio 4 Audience from their rest. If the Radio 4 audience were ever properly conscientized, they could take over the running of the country. (If they are not running it already).

The tune itself, as well as being a fun piece of whimsy, is politically rather marvelous too. It was written as a kind of homage to Britain by a Jewish refugee who settled here from Austria. What is more, a clearer expression of a federal Britain you never will hear. (And a federal Britain is the only logical solution to the constitutional fall-out of the Scottish Parliament, if you ask me). 

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