Oor Willie

I have to confess that I doubted. As I trudged around Inverkeithing on Wednesday afternoon in the few spare hours I’ve had this week delivering campaign material, I did doubt that the Liberal Democrats would win the by-election in Dunfermline West. However, sometimes it is wonderful to be gloriously wrong.

Many congratulations to Willie Rennie. (And to whoever came up with the slogan – "Send Oor Willie to Westminster"). 


  1. David Campbell says

    An Extraordinary Campaign
    It was truly extraordinary to be part of the electorate for this by-election. I have never in all my days been bombarded by such a mass of literature – and most of it from one party – the Lib Dems. Even at 9pm last night I had a hand-written note from our local councillor Lib-Dem imploring me to go out to vote and offering a lift there and back should I have needed it. My feeling was that the Labour candidate gave up half way through and after that the writing was on the wall for her. So, a slick and I guess heavily manned campaign really got results – surely a lesson for the church in this?

  2. Howard Bishop says

    Oooor Willie for Westminster
    Yes congrats indeed at the LibDems winning yesterday in Dunfermline West. Here’s to getting some LibDem gains in Enghland and routing out the Labour lot before long.

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