Case Study

To Perth this evening to spend an evening with those in the diocese who are making transitions into authorised ministries. Did two case studies – the one below and one about Civil Partnerships. Also drew them "A Course of Christian Ethics in Six Scruffy Cartoons".

The first case study was this:

"As a member of the ministry team of St Eucalyptus-by-the-Tay, Brigadoon, you are delighted that the congregation has just been awarded their Eco-Congregation award. After the picture of the award ceremony has appeared in the local paper, the Brigadoon Bugle, featuring you and Bill Oddie, you receive a telephone call from someone who is looking for help. It seems that a proposal has just been lodged with the local council for the land on the opposite bank of the river to the church, known locally as the Dingy Marshes. Although this area of flood-plane land is an important habitat for the Perthshire Pink Goose, it has been targeted for development as Hotel, Casino and Sports complex. The person on the telephone is inviting you to join a group opposed to the development.

What resources would you draw on in order to decide how to proceed? What issues will arise in your congregation over the coming months which you need to think though?"

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