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Not for the first time this month, I turn to the Church Times and find myself reading about myself. This time it is an article about blogging clerics by Simon Sarmiento who commits many Good Works at

I do regard blogging as a part of my work now. Amongst certain friends who had the same training for ministry as I did, there is a common cry of "…oh, that is another thing they did not teach us at TISEC".  (Obvious examples include – working with children, dealing with church finances and preaching).

How to keep a blog (clerical or otherwise) is something new that ordinands are probably not being taught how to do which I could not have been expected to learn. Are there any other things like that?

The ability to print booklets perhaps?


  1. Anonymous says

    Church Times
    Blogging is OK and being able to read a sermon is good, but an up to date church website with correct details of what is happening during the week and on Sundays is far more important.

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