Grown Up at last

Just paid my car tax. This operation involved the following steps:

  1. Remove documents from "Car Tax File"
  2. Take them to Post Office with cheque book
  3. Pay Tax
  4. Return Home with smug look on face and file documents and cheque book. 

I suppose that the smug look stems from the fact that I can remember oh so well the days when paying the car tax was a major operation. Typically, the car would be in London, the cheque book in Yorkshire, the Certificate of Insurance in St Andrews and I would be in Dumfriesshire with no money. That smug look this afternoon represented nothing other than the vicarious pleasure of realising that one is a Grown Up at last.


  1. Robin says

    why not thru the net  dead easy

  2. Anonymous says

    Through the net

    Well, one reason is that the postal service here has been so poor that I prefer not to rely on it for important things. The Post Office just seemed the more efficient.

     …and I have been known to support campaigns for keeping local Post Offices open, so I guess I ought to use one when it is right on my doorstep.

  3. Oh, thanks for the reminder – mine is due too. I think I’ll try the net because I haven’t found the post office yet.

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