Medical Drama

Yesterday was a day of medical drama. Three trips to the Vet and one to the Dentist.

The three funniest things the Vet said yesterday were:

  • Has there been any stress in the household over the last month?
  • Could you bring me a sample of her urine? 
  • Can you give her these twenty tablets? 

How we laughed. 

Then on in the evening to the licensing of Mother Ruth in Portobello. I arrived at the last minute, on the run, due to the earlier medical drama. Indeed, I flapped breathlessly into the clergy robing area wearing a stole but with my alb wrapped inelegently about my middle. Sure enough the people whom I landed on as I stumbled through the door as the procession was setting off were all from the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway who tried their hardest to look censorious.

The service was very good. Portobello has an interesting Episcopal church which visibly predates the Oxford movement. What a strange, large sanctuary. As one of TISEC‘s children, I cannot go into a church without mentally re-arranging the furniture. I think that Portobello has lots of potential and lots of nice brass, but the sanctuary at the moment is hard to understand.

Ah the devotion of the clergy as they were singing Soul of my Saviour. You had to be there!

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