Pill 5

I am not going to give a pill by pill commentary on each of the 20 pink pills that the Vet has entertainingly suggested I put into the cat. However, Pill 5 was a good one.

Madam likes hard, crunchy cheesy cat treats which she sometimes gets from my mother for Christmas. They are very smelly. (The cheesy treats, not the cat and the mother). I found myself wondering what it would take to embed a pink tablet inside a cheesy cat treat. Clearly what was needed was a perfectly circular hole.

Thus I found myself going to the toolbox and getting out a set of drill bits, the better to drill holes in cat treats. Now, the project failed on one level – even with a number 6 drill bit, I could not get the hole in the treat the right size. However, by this time, the pink pill in question was covered in cheesy cat treat dust.

Guess what?

Went down a charm. 

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