Once upon a time, before people had access to the internet on every desktop, I remember being invited to protest about an outrageous blasphemy. (I was 8, I think). Someone had released a musical film whose contents were offensive to God’s own true believers. We needed to rally. Even the title of this cinematic travesty was a blasphemy. It was an offence to faith. No-one would treat the prophet Mohammed like this – it was time for Christians to stand up for themselves.  It was time to stand up and be counted.

There were some who organised themselves so that cinemas daring to show this outrage could be targeted. God’s faithful would gather outside, not to protest as such, of course, more to sing hymns and pray and above all to witness. If a few hotheads shouted at those going into the cinema, then it was merely unfortunate.

The film was Jesus Christ, Superstar. The 1970s hippie version.

We used a DVD of an updated version of the show here at St Saviour’s two years ago in Holy Week, the better to aid our devotions, particularly for the younger members of the congregation. (One or two of whom sang along all the way through and were word-perfect).

Times change. The mob doesn’t though. We’ll meet it on Good Friday again, I suppose.

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