Personal DNA

Just tried the Personal DNA personality test.

It says I am a Benevolent Creator


  1. Eep. Apparently I’m a `respectful analyst‘. Not entirely convinced; as with all such tests, there are temporal holes in several questions 🙂

  2. Howard says

    Personal DNA test
    Oh, er!  I came out as an advocating leader.  But of course, when you know how these things are constructed it is easy to input the answers you know will elicit the desired responses!  Anyway, I will try and do as suggested, and become more of a daydreamer, and out myself more often……………………

  3. Howard says

    personality test
    The last sentence didn’t make sense at all!!  Should be "be more of a daydreamer and put myself first more often"!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    Well it seems that I’m a freewheeling inventor. Is that a surprise or isn’t it. Thanks for the link Kelvin!

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