Listen again

Here are a few listen again links from the BBC – things that were on the radio on Sunday that are worth catching this week before they disappear. (Most listen again links on the BBC disappear after 7 days).

Firstly, there was Sunday Worship from St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow. The words are all from Alison Elliot (ex C of S moderator) and Colin McIntosh the C of S minister from Dunblane. The choir was the cathedral choir, who were in good voice. I particularly liked the If I take the wings of the morning by Julian Dams that they sang about half way through. This prompted a discussion after church on Sunday morning about the intonation of Church of Scotland ministers when they are taking services. I’ll not repeat it here.

Over on Radio Scotland, you could hear Bishop David and Ian Ansdell talking about blogging with Sally Magnusson. Their slot is about 20 minutes in. (For those who did not make it to their own place of worship on Sunday morning due to the snow, notice that Bishop David drove from Perth to Dunblane and then on to Kirkcaldy on Sunday morning to fulfil his committments).

Later in the day, Radio 3 had The History Boys by Alan Bennett. I saw the same production last year at the National, so was able to stare at the radio and watch the whole thing on an inner stage. 


  1. Anonymous says

    one must presume that Bishop David has 4 wheel drive

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