Good Friday

Part of my own liturgy of life is to listen to Zelenka’s Lamentations of Jeremiah on Good Friday. Parts of the music were written for this day, and the achingly beautiful laments move me every year.

I was troubled later in the day to hear of the knife attacks on Christians worshipping in Coptic churches in Alexandria, Egypt this morning. They will be celebrating their Holy Week (or Still Week) next week. I remember being in Cairo for Good Friday 9 years ago. I was a priviliged Westerner in that I did not get searched going into church. Locals were searched in many churches by staff looking for knives, guns or bombs. Many of the Christians had crosses tattoed to their arms which act as a pass into church – the presumption being that no muslim would have such a mark permanently on their body.

Christ is still being crucified today.

A good number gathered in church this afternoon for the liturgy. Solemn and calm. Aweful and awesome – the seventh time I have led the church here through Holy Week, and it has changed a lot over those seven years. 

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