Day Off

Most relaxing half hour of yesterday’s day off was having a very floppy puppy fall fast asleep, cradled in my arms.

In other wildlife news, this morning I heard and saw a willow warbler (no, really) and nearly wrote off a deer. 


  1. Anonymous says

    Willow warbler
    Let us save a little time here:

    Q – Are you sure it wasn’t a Mrs Chaffinch?

    A – No, a willow warbler for sure, but thanks for asking.

  2. David Campbell says

    Kelvin – I’m worried about you – wouldn’t it be better, if like lots of other young and trendy clergy, you took up golf – then you could still indulge in this nature thing as well as doing something more fun?

  3. Anonymous says

    I’m not sure that going deer hunting in a Ford Ka is exactly a nature thing. As for golf, remember that one of the high points of my ministry in Bridge of Allan was appear at a public enquiry to testify against building a golf course.

    Are the clergy taking up golf really the young and trendy ones? I have my doubts.

  4. David Campbell says

    OK – well maybe just the young ones!

  5. Stewart says

    Clergy with Ford Ka
    It is amazing how a simple comment in a response leads you in a totally different direction from the original posting. Anyway here goes……

    Kelvin with a Ford Ka adds another of this make to the fleet of Clergy Cars in the diocese of G&G. The P-in-C at St Mark’s, EK has one. Mind you partner has a Jaguar!!


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