Sing along now

Where have all the dog collars gone
long time passing?
Where have all the collars gone
long time ago?
Where have all the collars gone?
Down the back of the fridge every one.
When will he ever learn?
When will he ever learn?


  1. Anonymous says

    simon & garfunkal couldn’t have sung it better themselves

    maybe you need to design a homing device for said dog collars?

  2. Lay -reader says

    dog collars
    Much like where have all the Church Rotas gone
    Inside the recycling pile everyone.

    It’s agood job I know relevant phone numbers!!

  3. Anonymous says

    Disappearing Dog Collars
    Iwas at a wedding last Monday. There were at least seven priests in attendance – but only three dog collars at the ceromony. Two of which disappeared by the reception. Only one table at the reception did not have a priest at it!

    See Ruth’s blog for more details 😉

    “The Brother of the Bride”

  4. Anonymous says

    The Procession of the Roses
    Gosh, I didn’t know you were the brother of the bride.

    I hear that the liturgy committee have introduced a new part of the wedding service involving a procession of priests wearing copes carrying roses. It might catch on.

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