New blogger

New Episcopal Blogger on the list.

Step forward Kirstin Marshall.

(And a tip of the biretta to Ruth for pointing me in her direction). 


  1. Anonymous says

    Birettas again
    Is the reference to a Biretta a veilled hint that one is going to feature in your installation service at St MAry’s in two weeks time?

  2. Anonymous says

    In the Snow

    As I’ve indicated before, I wear one when it is snowing. If it is snowing in Glasgow on 31 May 2006 then you know what you will get and the folk from B of A will expect nothing less.

    What has yet to be established is the colour of the pom-pom. 

  3. Anonymous says

    Freeman or Marshall
    Following her recent marriage I think Kirstin is now going by the name of Freeman.

    Big Brother (not the TV show) Stewart

  4. Anonymous says

    Long Range Weather Forecast
    Temperatures are dropping, precipitation is excepted….. Maybe there will be snow on Wednesday evening next week…..

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