Choosing a leader

I note with interest that the Church of Ireland will have to have a new leader soon. Archbishop Robin Eames will be stepping down and making way for a successor.

I do hope that the Church of Ireland manages to find someone to fulfil that post who has a long experience of the Irish Church. Someone who knows how Irish parishes work and who is extensively connected to all kinds of networks within the Church of Ireland would seem to be ideal.

It would seem rather eccentric of them to choose otherwise. 


  1. David says

    Surely any one of the current 10 Irish bishops could fulfil such a role Kelvin, or are you suggesting they look overseas for someone?!

  2. Anonymous says

    Choosing a leader
    > or are you suggesting they look overseas for someone?!

    Au contraire! I’m suggesting very precisely that they don’t.

    (present company excepted, I’m sure).

  3. Michael says

    They can’t (look overseas, that is).

    The new primate is elected by the bishops from amongst their own number. There is no other lay or clerical input to the election process. A new episcopal election will then be held in whichever diocese becomes vacant.

    The diocese of Armagh is the only one which has no say whatsoever in the election of its (arch)bishop. The title Primate of All Ireland goes with the see of Armagh.

  4. leaders
    So you’ve decided to comment on the Primus’ election after all…

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