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According to a story on the BBC website, Dundee is a less snootier place than Aberdeen.

At the risk of being snootier than thou, what has either dear place got to be snooty about? 


  1. Aberdeen has a harbour and Nigg Bay area; Dundee has an Observatory.

    I can’t make head or tail of “feeling of corporate sterility”,though. When I was there (last ~November some time) it had plenty of atmosphere, albeit plain seedy in parts. (Dark grey cobbled streets at dusk… arty-photogenic, at least!)

    But c’mon. As for that last paragraph:

    `Edinburgh is said to be “handsome and engaging” and Glasgow is described as a “cultured and dynamic city”.’

    Are they *trying* to provoke the culture-city-wars or what? Surely we all know Edinbug is *all* 4 adjectives anyway 😉

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