Deep Rivers

Just for the record, I crossed over the Clyde 3 times on my way to church this morning and crossed the Kelvin twice on the way back. I blame the 10K fun run, the collapse of Bridge Street under water and general incompetence.

Also, for the record, the arrangement of Shall we Gather at the River combined with the spiritual Deep River (by some US choir, I think) that could be heard on Sunday Half Hour was an unwelcome intrusion into some otherwise lovely singing by the choir of Scotland’s Musical Cathedral. Anyone who wants to sing Deep River in my vicinity can sing the Tippett version, thank you very much. You can sing it at my funeral if you like, but sing it sometime when I’m feeling deep and moody. (If such a time ever occurs).


  1. Anonymous says

    Navigating Glasgow
    The mind boggles on the route you must have taken. Navigating Glasgow is fraught with hidden dangers for the unwary at the best of times (one way streets; bus lanes; blocked of street) not to mention the no-go area which calls itself the M8 between the Kingston Bridge and Glasgow Cathedral (St Mungo’s NOT St Mary’s). Getting to mid festivals can be a bit of challenge. Let’s hope the M8 is not too clogged up for the Ascension Day Service on Thursday.

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