Today is the day

Today is the day for the Installation service at St Mary’s Cathedral, Great Western Road.

If you want to be there, all are welcome. The service begins at 7 pm.

Best show in town.

BTW – if you’ve been tyring to get hold of me over the last couple of days or even weeks and found it difficult, my apologies. I’ve had neither telephone, internet, the Church Times nor even TV. I feel quite out of touch.


  1. Pamela says

    Installation service
    Lovely service tonight. Have been following your blog for a while and it was great to meet you at last. Good luck for your future within St Mary’s.

  2. Tonights Service

    Can I too say what a lovely service it was tonight. After hearing the sermon and I thought I had to check out your blog.

     Good luck at St Mary’s.


    -St Margaret’s Newlands

  3. Anonymous says

    A Day to Remember
    Well done Kelvin – singing the Gospel has set a new standard that all will have to aspire to.

    Thanks to the Glasgow roads department closing the M8 beyond the junction with the M77 the traffic was worse for the journey home than that to St Mary’s @ 4pm.

    +David’s sermon is defintely left us expecting parties from Kelvin.

    The morning jaunt round the Kelvingrove Art Gallery was entertaining, especially when you and the Lady Provost of Glasgow posed with Kelvin the baby elephant.

  4. Embrace

    May the future hold challenges and enrichment in purpose for your continued walk on the earth.

    Hope to see your SHOW one of these days!! 

  5. Brannon Hancock says


    Great party last night, for sure! (and far more than just a show, I’d say!)  I was the long-haired chap in the choir.  Just wanted to extend a welcome – we @ St. Mary’s are anticipating great things ahead that God will do through us all under your leadership.

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