To Seville

To Seville last night – a performance of Carmen by Scottish Opera.

It was hot – both in the theatre and on the stage. The production sizzled from beginning to end.

The women on stage seemed to me to outclass the men. Carmen herself was fabulous and her two bar-room pals had a real edge to their singing. The women looked Spanish. The men could have rolled in from Maryhill.

Orchestra – better than I have ever heard them.

Set – a bit monolithic. Good campfire and a good well of water which was lit as a font should be.

Chorus – a little crowded on stage, but singing like they were glad to be back in business.


  1. Anonymous says

    When it comes to the east coast
    I’m due to go and see Carmen when Scottish Opera bring it over to Edinburgh next week.  Glad to hear that the performance is good.  Scottish Opera have had quite a lot of bad press over recent years.

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