To Synod

Just back from synod. Synod fatigue is like no other.

I like the biz and the buzz, but come come feeling exhausted every time I go. This year I was there to watch what was going on as a member of the Scottish Episcopal Church’s Organizational Review Committee. (ie ORC – there will be a quiz on synod acronyms later).

Thus, I could listen but not speak this year. On balance, I think that not being able to speak is more stressful than being able to.

It was a much happier and more successful synod than last year, I think. (Probably because I couldn’t speak!) However, my obvious relish of the whole experience makes one thing clear.

I am a synod nerd.


  1. chris says

    I loved the ORCs – and couldn’t believe there wasn’t a great hoot of laughter when the name appeared. Maybe I’m too childish for Synod – it certainly made me feel like a rebellious teenager.

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