Sinjoro, malfermu niajn lipojn.

You can have 5 points if you know what this is:

                  Sinjoro, malfermu niajn lipojn.
    Respondo. Kaj nia buŝo deklaros vian laŭdon.
    Presbitero. Dio, rapidu nm sa vi.
    Respondo. Sinjoro, ne prokrastu nin helpi.


  1. Moyra says

    Sinjoro, malfermu niajn lipojn

    How worrying – 1662 BCP in Esperanto!

    Does that get me two points?

  2. Anonymous says

    Full marks
    Yes – full marks – the BCP in Esperanto.

    Something for a Sunday evening, I think.

  3. Brian says

    Open thou
    "Oh Lord, open thou our lips" – 1662 BCP – yes, in Esperanto

  4. Anonymous says

    Evensong in Esperanto
    Have you told Frikki and the choir yet?


  5. I was going to say that! Esperanto!


    By the way, Kelvin – does your site have an RSS/Atom feed? 

  6. Anonymous says

    RSS feed
    I do have an rss feed, though the architecture of this site is a little creaky and you might have to resort to forgiving it sometimes.

    The feed is at though it is likely to move sometime when I move this site over to WordPress, something that I have been intending to do for a while.

  7. Anonymous says

    I knew what it said, but not the language!! Now I know, thank you!

  8. Andrew says

    Gest it era parto di Abendleed in Esperanto – Gugl konfirma lo.
    Cinq points?

  9. Anonymous says

    Cinq points?
    Oh, Andrew, double points to you, without a doubt.

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