Hail Redeemer, King Divine

Yes, to Edinburgh for the glories of High Mass at St Michael and All Saints. (Why they did not become All Saints and All Angels when those 2 churches merged, I will never know – St M and All Ss never trips off the tongue as well).

I tend to go back to that church for Corpus Christi each year as it is so wonderfully celebrated, however, inevitably, I found myself wondering whether something similar could happen next year in the West of Scotland.

There was a fair smattering of clergy enjoying the festivities, including Mothers Ruth and Marion and Fathers Gordon, Giles, and Jeremy. I won the Spot the Blogger competition by correctly identifying Mark. Seeing as Mark has recently told us that his confirmation date is fixed for 6 August (highly auspicious – the Feast of the Transfiguration) I think that it is about time I added him to the list of Episcopalians who blog on the right.


  1. Anonymous says

    Corpus Christi in the West in 2007
    Go for it

  2. Anonymous says

    ditto – you almost had a contingent from B of A in the hope you were flinging petals about too!!

  3. Thanks for the mention! 🙂

    Yes; I did not realise the significance of the date until you told me! Mind you, I didn’t know the date itself until Fr Bill told me a week before that!

    My knowledge of important days like that tends to get lost sometimes – I seem to have this semantic confusion between the Annunciation and Ascension, and the Transfiguration. Maybe because they all end on ‘ion’?

  4. Anonymous says

    My comment has disappeared
    I posted a comment here just after Stewart’s, but it seems to have disappeared/been removed. It wasn’t controversial or rude, so I’m curious as to why this might have happened?

  5. Anonymous says

    disappearing comments
    Sorry your comment disappeared anacapa999 – I use an automatic spam comment barring system. Just as with spam protection on e-mail, it very occasionally identifies a false postitive, which could have led me to delete the comment without checking its content. It is wearying how many comments there are advertising ring-tones, blue pills or happy women friends just for you. My apologies if I deleted something without checking it properly. All genuine posts most welcome. Do post again.

  6. Anonymous says

    All I had said was that I will start to collect rose petals for next year!

    Now, about those happy women friends just for me ……..


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