The Convent #2

Watched The Convent again tonight on BBC2. Liked the nun dancing the incense around the chapel during a Magnificat. (Which was to the tune of the Wild Mountain Thyme if my ears did not deceive me).

I’m impressed with the nuns from Arundel – they are a good advert for what they do, but then most nuns I’ve met who have stayed the course are. Somewhere inside me though, I have this nagging question. How can we build on the heritage of monastic living to fit those who live other kinds of lives? 

The phrase "finding a monasticism of the city" goes around my head and will not let me go. 


  1. Lawrence says

    Finding a monasticism of the city
    This is precisely the sort of thing that the Third Order of the Society of Saint Francis is trying to do.

  2. The idea of city monasticism is very interesting… I just wonder how it could be done. Especially in this day and age!

  3. Moyra says

    What ‘bits’ of monasticism are you interested in trying to bring into life in the city? Of of the city into the monastery?

    The Abbott of Worth. (where The Monastery was filmed) has a book out called Finding Sanctuary, with a sub-title of something like monasticism in everyday life.

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