Dunoon the watter

Over to the diocese of Argyll and the Isles for the second time in a week. This time to Dunoon for the installation of Kimberly Bohan as the priest for three congregations – Dunoon, Tighnabruich and Rothesay. A more glorious day could not have been chosen for the service and the trips across the Clyde, particularly the return trip in the evening, were very fine indeed.

The church in Dunoon was packed with people. It is quite a long church with a huge sanctuary. Eastward facing and miles away from the people. The local singing and serving was particularly superb.

I was a little troubled by the mural on the back wall, which seemed to me from where I was sitting to be an abstract in blue and white depicting the Last Trump of Judgement. 

How was it that I managed to end up at the front of the clergy procession, and also was the only person to miss the briefing on where we were aiming for?

Following the service, members of the congregation were entertained by the new Rector’s own private herd of midge. 


  1. Kimbery says

    collective nouns

    Ah no, Kelvin, I think we need a better collective noun than that.
    A multitude of midge?  A malevolence of midge?  I’ll tell you, they’re easier to herd than clergy (just how many priest does it take to start a gospel response?).

  2. Anonymous says

    Collective Nouns
    ..A nibble of midgies

    ..A bite of midgies

    or after the event

    ..A scratch of midgies

  3. Chris says

    That mural
    The “mural” is (a) a testimony to our poverty and (b) the result of using “the wrong kind of paint”. Just think scabby Greek churches and pious thoughts and all will be well ….

  4. Muriel
    I rather like the idea of a mural rather than the strange growth of damp through paint. Did you notice any less disturbing scenes on any of the other walls? Christ stilling the storm perhaps?

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