Blog Bonus

Every so often, one gets a little blog bonus in life.

Take today, for example. I arrived for morning prayer and as I was throwing an interloper out of the car park, I noticed someone who looked as though they really were wanting to visit the cathedral. I opened up and introduced myself. Indeed, the new face did want to visit and indeed come to morning prayer. She was visiting Glasgow from one of Scotland far flung islands.

Anyway, we were just settling down to morning prayer, and I was just explaining how to use the far too complicated service books when she said, "You keep a blog don’t you."

As blog bonuses go, this was quite a good one. Especially as it was a day on which, unusually, there was no one else present to pray with. 


  1. Blog bonus for me too
    I was the stranger waiting at the door.Certainly this mornings prayers were a blog bonus for me too.Thank you.I hope not to be a stranger to the cathedral and I will return to light a candle there as soon as I can.

    Love and gratitude

  2. Bishop David says

    Blog Bonus
    Mysterious strangers – how wonderful!  How very Enid Blyton.

  3. Mysterous stranger says

    Blog bonus
    Enid Blyton .I don’t know whether to be flattered or frightened but i know this visit to the cathedral has been part of the adventure.
    The mysterious stranger.

  4. Chris says

    Blog Bonus, Bishops and Blyton
    Is Blyton considered suitable reading for Bishops these days/ I think we should be told ……..

  5. Anonymous says

    For the avoidance of doubt

    The Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin neither encourages nor condones the reading of the works of Ms Enid Blyton by members of the College of Bishops of the Scottish Episcopal Church.



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