"…and all those falsely accused…"

For some reason this year, I never got into Big Brother. Last year I was a devotee, and could be heard opining about the religious nature of the show. (It’s the God Complex we all have…the need to control and manage and to conjure up a controlling managing God when we inevitably fail).

I think the reason that I was not a BB acolyte this year was that the competition was so good. The Tommy Sheridan trial was far more compelling than BB. The business of the bodily hair was the highpoint of this week, but it didn’t beat the moment when … no let’s not go there.

Given the political affiliations of people whom I know who do the same job as I do, I suspect that a greater than average number of members of the clergy are members of political parties, and a greater number than averages would suggest are members of the SSP. I know at least as many be-dogcollared members of the SSP as the Lib Dems.

You can just hear it, can’t you, "…and I ask your prayers for Thomas and for all who are falsely accused…" 

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